Senior Collage copy babies copy

Advertising my business is a growing adventure! I am getting better at it. These are the postcards I just created to put up in different places. Maybe too busy, but the printing is simple. I’m so excited about these girls and families. Thank you to them for allowing me to use their pictures for advertising!

I just mentioned to a friend that this journey is tougher than I thought. Building a business isn’t as easy as it seemed when I stepped off the cliff. I’m learning so much about myself and I am enjoying the process. Editing and posting on social media is more time consuming that I ever expected but it’s so fun. I am so thankful that God has taught me to trust Him more deeply so I get to do what I absolutely love! Thanks, Lord, for teaching me to trust You. Thank you to my friends and family for encouraging me to keep going!

Looking forward to the spring colors, to the warmer weather and to the new challenges I get to encounter as I start my 5th month of being dedicated fully to the business!