Haiti #2

Sleep. It’s something we take for granted. It is often said that we Americans don’t know how to rest, or at least we don’t choose to get enough sleep every night. As children, we might share bedrooms, but how often do we have to share a bed other than on vacation. We have a routine when it comes to preparing to sleep. Some of us can’t touch anyone or anything while we sleep. Some of us sleep sideways in the bed or all sprawled out. Then there are some people can sleep anywhere, like planes or the car, that frustrates me. I work night shift and sometimes I need to sleep at anytime of the day or even in the car or plane. When my husband falls asleep before I do I can’t sleep after that because I get so angry. Anyway, families in poverty often have poor sleeping conditions. On the home visit we experienced we saw one full or queen size bed against two walls that slept mom, dad and two small girls. Sometimes Maggie sleeps next to me after she has woken-up too early. She takes up a lot of room. Think about these babies and their parents who have to sleep in a small space every night. 

We played hard with the children at VBS and quickly after we were done we would find little ones about to fall off their chairs asleep. These little ones would sleep however they were. We were asked to be careful not to hold or carry around the kids to keep the jealousy at bay between the other children. Trying to honor that I placed a two year old on a chair to enjoy the story. She fell asleep and almost toppled off the chair. I grabbed her and she didn’t even wake up. I found her mother to hand her off to but truly just wanted to carry her around as she slept. 

I wish I could provide a place these children to sleep peacefully, without disturbances. There is no question that their mamas love them and provide for them. I’m sure they wish they could also give them a bigger bed or at least a few moments of good sleep to help them grow and learn. 

Sponsored children with Compassion increase their opportunity for education, for improved health and for dreams to come true. I met a little guy who dreamed of being a taxi driver. Pretty big dream for him. So awesome. Coming out of poverty = a hope for a bigger bed and better sleeping conditions. 

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