The idea of this picture became a reality when the fog was thick and rich.

The Bethel Music song “You make me brave” is playing, my office is quiet and I am staring at a beautiful blue sky. My heart is overwhelmed with so many things that have been going on. A camera in my hand would be just the thing I need right now, but there’s no time. A business to run, potty training my two-year-old, a marriage to enjoy and a messy house are just the beginning things on my list. I overbooked myself today, yet the idea of “calm and stillness” float around in my mind as a nice idea to practice later.

When life gets busy, I start feeling flustered. I didn’t ever think I would be a business owner, but here I am. My other job is asking for people to help but I don’t go in…childcare, appointments, life…my excuses. When it’s all said and done, I need stillness. I need a moment of quiet. It needs to be “well with my soul” but I have to stop, sit and mediate on God’s Word to get there.

Luke 8 talks about a woman who found Jesus in a crowd. She had been ceremonially unclean for 12 years. She couldn’t stop the bleeding and neither could the doctors who took advantage of her. She had no money, I can imagine no strength, and her illness had become her identity. She had one more option, this Jesus she kept hearing about. She had become an outcast so she didn’t want to draw attention to herself. While Jesus was in a crowd she approached him, touching his garment. That’s all she needed. That’s all she wanted. Just a little taste of Jesus.

I think we often spend our lives thinking “if I can just get a little taste of Jesus, I will be set to keep going. I’ll get enough of what I need because He doesn’t even know how busy or stressful my life is.”

Jesus wants more than just a touch. He asked the crowd who touched him. His disciples tried to convince Him that He was in a crowd. No, he said, He felt power go out from Him. The woman couldn’t hide. She came forward, afraid, told Him why she touched Him and how she knew she was healed. Jesus’ response touches me in a deep way. There was an encounter. There was more than just a touch, there was an impact. “Daughter,” He said. “Your faith has made you well; go in peace.”

That’s what an encounter with Jesus brings. That’s what time spent face to face does to our hearts, to our lives. It brings us peace. It brings stillness to find perspective and wholeness in the midst of our busyness.

Can you imagine what this poor woman was feelings. If only she could be healed. But after 12-years what would healing look like? Would she have friends? Would she be able to work? Would she be able to accomplish her dreams? Would she be as reliant on God in times of weakness, or in times of strength? I believe Jesus knew the “what ifs” that she had in her heart. He knows the “what ifs” in my heart that keep me busy and preoccupied. If I’m busy I don’t have to think about the real issues as much. Yet, Jesus brings peace in the midst of the “what ifs”. He knows our hearts. He could heal this woman, that was easy for him. But he wanted to heal her heart. He made sure to encounter her face to face to offer peace.

No matter how busy I am, I need to find stillness and encounter Jesus so He can bring peace to my heart. What about you? Can you let your hair down for just a moment with Him so He can offer peace? I am praying that you can.

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